14th Century English Oak Sculpture

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Period Oak Antiques provides a range of distinct antique carvings and statues, each portraying a unique style and absolute finesse. We have stunning stock from the 16th and the 17th century available. Many of our pieces can make a stunning decorative accessory with their decorative detail or make it straight to a collector’s repertoire. One such antique in our collection at the moment is this rare mid 14th Century English Oak Sculpture of St Mathew.
This rare pre-reformation sculpture has survived the test of time - showcasing a wonderful slim and elegant figure. The facial features are very appealing yet serene, and the flowing hair and curled and parted beard marks the typical style of this period. This sculpture has been received from a private English collection.
Such rare and unique items are true collector’s pieces. If used as a decorative accessory, pieces like these add a something quite special to a room. We have quite a few similar options in our collection. Visit us to have a look at our unique and stunning items.