16th-Century Portraits

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Friday, January 22, 2021

If you have an empty wall, all you need is a piece of powerful art to turn it into a focal point. The most common form of art that can fill that role are paintings. And if you are looking for something that is dramatic, there is nothing better than a portrait. Portraits are the best combination of drama and mystery, especially ones dating back hundreds of years.  

An accent wall can bring a room to life and make a great focal point. And besides, decorating a wall with art is one of the best ways of expression which not only adds personality to the room but also shows your personal style. Carefully chosen portraits reflect the owner’s style and are an exciting way of creating a personal space.

At Period Oak Antiques we have some interesting portraits that can introduce much-needed drama and mystery to any room. We have some stunning gilt frames in our collection. Gilt-framed portraits are an amazing way of creating impactful contemporary spaces. If you have a neutral theme, a gilt-framed portrait will make a dramatic inclusion.

If you love collecting, these are definitely the kind of pieces that you should give a thought to. Visit our website to have a look at the options.