17th Century Portrait Of A Nobleman

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Nothing can match up to the intrigue and mystery brought about by antique portrait paintings. Antique portraits introduce some great drama and character. Portraits are capable of igniting the imagination and inviting contemplation, wondering what the stories around the subjects are, what were they thinking and doing.
Portraits add a different level of aesthetic elegance to a decor making it stand out like no other. If you want to invoke a sense of history in your home, we have this stunning 17th-century portrait of a nobleman. This fine portrait shows three-quarters of the subject adorned in an ermine-trimmed scarlet robe. The left-hand rests on a ledge with an Earl’s coronet upon it. This oil on canvas portrait is in flawless condition. It belonged to Baroness Rawlings of Burnham Westgate Hall in Norfolk.
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