A Guide to Antique Carvings

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Firstly, since it is antiques we are talking about, you can start with getting acquainted with the history of carvings and sculptures. The origins are different and the types are many. You can get a general idea about the appearance of a piece from its history. This is important since if the antique is going to be a part of your decor, you need something that will suit well too.
What makes for great quality in an antique sculpture is defined by a number of different things such as style, modelling of the figure, rarity of the piece and most importantly the skill and finesse of the artist. These aspects also affect the value of the item.
If the maker of a piece is a well known artist of the time, the value will almost certainly escalate. Looking at the back or bottom of the item can give you some idea about the artist. There are usually signatures or symbols that can give a hint about the artist or even reveal his identity.
If possible you should always have a look at the piece for yourselves rather than only relying on pictures. Sometimes a piece that does not look too appealing in the pictures might actually be stunning in reality and the opposite might also turn out to be true.
As is true with anything you buy, the condition of an item is important. In case of antiques, while some bumps and bruises are evident, the overall condition should be good. You should also check out for restorations if any. Overly done or a bad restoration job can negatively affect the value of an item.
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For example see this  most beautiful and rare italian renaissance marble relief of the last supper. florence. circa 1500.
this wonderful marble relief sculpture depicts Christ with his twelve desciples seated at the last supper before Christ was crucified. This antique carving is carved in the Florentine style and dates from around 1500. There are small losses to the edges and two of the front apostles heads are now lost but it is still a wonderful antique carving.
Dimensions are 20" wide x 14" high.
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