A magnificent Royal oak chest from the 15th century

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Early chests, also known as coffers, were important pieces of furniture and the storage units of their day, in which all sorts of articles could be both stored and transported when travelling. Some were used for storing household goods, but others were for personal use, where members of the household could keep their own possessions. They were also used as seats, tables and even beds.
In its simplest form the chest consists of six wooden boards, with five forming the sides and bottom and the sixth as the lid. They come in two basic types: ‘joined’, which are panelled, and ‘boarded’, which are nailed and pegged. Decoration varies, from none at all or crude carving, to elaborate decoration on every surface.
Antique chests and coffers are part of our domestic heritage and are very appealing pieces of furniture, extremely useful for storing all sorts of things. At Period Oak Antiques we’re fortunate to have a range of high quality examples in stock, dating from the 15th to the 17th century.
Our earliest piece is a rare walnut chest from about 1400, reputedly from a Norfolk church. The front of this simple but impressive chest is made from a single plank and it has heavy iron hinges and a large lock – a memorable piece.

Our tour of storage history continues with several fine examples from the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Choose from a coffer with linenfold carving, or an oak chest with crosshatch decoration, similar to one in Shakespeare’s birth place. Moving on to the late 16th century, there’s a rare dated Elizabethan chest, with its top made from solid wood but carved to imitate panels. Later still, we have a wonderful oak coffer from the early 17th century with ornately carved panels, and an exceptional West Country ‘mule’ chest, with the typical drawer at its base and coiled sea serpents carved on its front, from about 1680.
We have many more fine examples of early oak furniture and works of art, and we’d be pleased to welcome you to our beautiful showrooms in Presteigne on the English/Welsh border. We’re open any time by appointment – just phone us on 01457 560143 / 07917 671350 or email sales@periodoakantiques.com. We look forward to meeting you!