Antique Chopping Board as Coffee Table?

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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Using an antique chopping board as a coffee table? It sounds weird, but if offbeat is your style calling, this one's for you. We have this wonderful 18th century sycamore and ash chopping block which could work wonderfully as a coffee table. It is the perfect coffee table height and has a lovely patina. Absolutely in its raw form, this coffee table has a characterful appeal thanks to its wonderful signs of age that the table carries with utmost pride.
We have a number of such wonderful antiques in our collection that can be used in versatile ways that differ from their intended purpose. That is one of the many great things about antiques, you have so much scope to experiment. There are no rules as to what goes where, you can design and decorate as you please and when done in the right manner these are bound to shine.
If you have that creative side and love to experiment and do things that aren’t usual, we have the perfect antiques for you. Browse through to have a look at the wonderful decorative antiques in our collection. We have a wonderful variety of furniture pieces such as antique oak side tables, antique chairs and antique carvings from antique decorative accessories and more. Visit us to have a look.