Antique four poster beds

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Four poster beds, though the prized possessions of the past have had a dwindling existence in the interiors today. This is perhaps because of the shrinking size of the contemporary bedrooms and that no longer is the bedroom a place of public presence where a grand bed seen by many was an essential tool for displaying ones wealth. The four poster bed was the king of all beds due to its inposing size and often ornate design. 

However these antique four poster beds have not vanished completely from neither the markets nor the hearts and there are still some to be seen in various stately homes, antique markets and in hotels.
These have always been the classics amongst all the antique furniture options of the early times and still there is a wide choice frm the 15th century onwards available in the antiques markets.

At Period Oak Antiques we try to stock a few options. If you are looking for the perfectly noble appeal we suggest this rare early 16th century carved oak tester bed. This fine example displays the aesthetic appeal of the kingly bed. From the carved wood to the beautiful colour and size everything oozes the historic appeal. On the other hand for all those modernists who would love the kingly appeal but in a less imposing manner, we suggest this beautiful Italian wrought iron four poster bed. This one again has the aesthetics of the past yet is not as imposing size wise as compared to its wooden counterpart.
Both these options are definitely worth having a look at. Browse through the website for more details and pictures!