Antique Medieval Chests

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Over the centuries the wooden chest and trunks have been the most common and functional pieces of furniture found in every home. During the medieval times, the wealthy nobles would own a number of chests which served the purpose of both furniture and luggage. Over the years and with the intended use, the simple storage chests have evolved into various different styles depending on the uses.
Arguably the wooden chests and trunks have been the most useful and versatile in all of the furniture history. The Medieval furniture largely reflects the characteristics and features that were in vogue during the 15th century all over Europe. Most of the furniture items were largely influenced by the Gothic style and were really charming. While some of the furniture pieces were intricately detailed there were also options that were simple, minimalist yet elegant.
The designs were greatly influenced by the intended use. Chests without legs were easier for travelling, while the ones with legs kept the contents much cleaner. The chests meant as luggage were often of minimalist design and some featured hipped or curved lids to shed water. To protect from water while travelling, these were often covered in waxed leather for better weather resistance. The ones used at homes as furniture and storage had flat lids which served seating or other additional purposes. As was true with the other medieval artifacts there were various versions of extensively decorated chests too. As for the materials Oak was a favourite for the medieval chests and in some cases  walnut, pine or softwood.
At Period Oak Antiques we have a variety of medieval chests in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs.

For example see this Late 15th/early 16th century english leather and ironbound standard coffer. circa 1480 -1500.
This fine chest is in amazing condition considering its age, it has a wood carcass bound in leather with iron bindings. the top is slightly domed above a front with three original locks and hasps. To each end are iron carrying handles.
An identical chest most probably from the same workshop is located in the library in Westminster Abbey, traditionally associated with Lady Margaret Beaufort.

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