Antique Portraits for a Dramatic Decor

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Some of the most captivating paintings that we have seen throughout history are portraits, with the Mona Lisa being the perfect example! Abstracts, landscapes and other such paintings have their place, but there is just something special about portraits that other forms don’t have. Whether a portrait is old or new, a digital print or an old painting, it inspires questions about the hidden stories associated with the subject. Portraits, especially antique portraits, ignite imagination and add a sense of mystery to the space. It can invoke ideas about the person in the painting, what they must be thinking or feeling and how their life must have been.

If you wish to add character and intrigue to your décor, have a look at this fine 17th-century portrait of a Nobleman. The history surrounding Earls, Viscounts, Dukes and Barons have always been fascinating and with many popular podcasts and web series offering a glimpse into the old world full of such noblemen, portraits like these have been getting more attention than ever before. This portrait is an interesting one, with its subject standing three-quarter length in an ermine-trimmed scarlet robe, with the left hand of the nobleman resting on a ledge with an Earls coronet upon it.

It is in pristine condition and has a solid provenance. It belonged to the property of Baroness Rawlings, Burnham Westgate Hall, Norfolk. Click through to have a look at this classic painting.