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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A cricket table stands on straight legs connected to an apron just below the round top. This form of the table also usually has an under tier set between the legs. Often considered to be the standard form of cricket table.
Ever wondered where the cricket table got its peculiar name from? The origin is more guesswork and reading the different possible explanations that have come up over the years. But we will have a go...
The old French word 'criquet' means 'stick' which can be associated with the stick like legs of the table design and could be a reason behind the name. Also, the middle Dutch word ‘kricke’ which means the same could be a reasonable description of a table that has three stick-like legs?
Since this form of the table has English origins, can it be associated with the game of Cricket? This table is described as having stump like feet, the name deriving from the game of Cricket. This is a plausible explanation too?
Then there is its association with 'crackets', which were low stools from the past. Cricket tables originated in a similar period, and the structure of the two is quite similar in nature with its three legs and a solid plank top, the only difference between the two is the height?
Regardless of the matter of origin, cricket tables have a very distinctive look and appeal and can make a great occasional table in the modern home! And with the knowledge above its a talking point too.
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