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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Coffers first came into being in the 17th and the early 18th century. Often also referred to as strongbox, money box, cash box, money chest, treasure chest, casket, trunk, box, safe, safety-deposit box, safe-deposit box or repository.
These elegant pieces of furniture were commonly used in the olden days as storage pieces and now still make a handy storage accessory.

Coffers also served as a place for sitting or were used as side tables.

Coffers are simple structure wise. These were made simply by putting together solid oak planks with a hinged lid. Coffers came in different styles. Apart from the flat lid ones, there were the ones with a domed top, also known as arc coffers, which came with a dome shaped lid. In the earlier times these were often removed, reversed and utilized for other purposes. The mule chest coffers had drawers below and were often used for storage of horse equipment.

The antique coffers made of oak are still found in the best of their forms. These are sturdy and robust and are as effortlessly stylish and functional. An antique coffer makes a very elegant inclusion in the home and is functional in versatile ways.

Some of the ways in which antique coffers have been used in the homes include side tables, for sitting, in the bedrooms for storage of linens and sheets, in the kitchens again for storage and the like.

The antique coffers make a good focal point in the modern homes.

An example of a coffer is this late 15th/early 16th century english leather and ironbound standard. circa 1480-1500.
This fine chest is in amazing condition considering its age, it has a wood carcass bound in leather with iron bindings. the top is slightly domed above a front with three original locks and hasps. to each end are iron carrying handles. An identical chest most probably from the same workshop is located in the library in Westminster Abbey, traditionally associated with Lady Margaret Beaufort this image is illustrated in medieval furniture, by Penelope Eames.

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