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Monday, July 10, 2023

The middle ages or the medieval ages were a period in history that lasted from the late 5th century to the late 15th century. This was a period in history when Britain witnessed a great many developments with regards to art.

The catholic church reached the height of its power in the middle ages. It was an all-pervasive institution in peoples` lives, which is why art in medieval England was practically inseparable from religion. Any work of artistic expression was infused with a spiritual and religious flavour to it, they were created with the purpose of inspiring folk to lead more godly lives. One of the most obvious ways in which this feeling was expressed was through literature. The emergence of great writers such as Chaucer (who wrote the canterbury tales), Malory and Langland, marked the advent of medieval literature in the England. When it comes to architecture, for over a century after the battle of hastings, all major important stone buildings In England were built in the Romanesque style, which was then known as the Norman style. From the 12th century onwards it was over by the gothic style of architecture.

Another absolutely breathtaking form that art took was that of sculptures. They were often very spiritual and religious in nature as they told biblical stories and at times had faint traces of the ancient pagan culture of England. The style back then was quite bold, and sculptors ,made use of metals, enamels and ivories. Archeologists have managed to recover some incredibly beautiful English medieval sculptures although others have unfortunately been lost.

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