Choosing the Right Type of Antique Buffet

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If you are looking specifically for an antique buffet for your home you can check out the different antique dealers ... or auction houses if you have time. If purchasiing via a dealer you should however ensure that you go to a dealer with a good reputation so that you get an authentic piece.
The look of your home is an important consideration as the antique that you buy should not look out of place. A bit of thought to how you wish to make it work is important.
If you are looking at the buffet as something more than a show piece, such as to store cutlery or anything else, you should ensure that you buy a piece that is sturdy enough and will not spoil on being used continuously.
Measuring the space well in advance is very important. In case of antiques especially there has to be enough space to move around it and enough space around for it to be seen and appreciated.
Knowing a bit about the styles helps a great deal. So here is a brief  look at the different styles.
These are available in oak, pine, mahogany etc. The 18th century buffets showcase curved tops and thin legs. The compartments on the sides are larger providing added storage space.
The Victorian options feature a mirror at the back on a vertical panel. The carvings are elaborate and beautiful with a good amount of storage space.
The Art & Crafts Buffets were simple and elegant and featured artistic details uplifting the overall aesthetic appeal.
The Art Deco Buffets portrayed elaborate designs and a distinct style.
Chinese Buffets tended to be on the formal side with their clean and elegant lines and became quite popular during the Victorian era and the 20th century.
The ones created by the rural people were always high on functionality rather than looks but nevertheless unique and charming.
Notable names like Thomas Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite etc gave pieces that are quite sought after even today.

A wonderful example of an antique buffets is this magnificent and rare high status 15th century walnut buffet / dressoir. france. circa 1480-1500. This outstanding late medieval walnut buffet is of the highest quality, the top with pierced gothic tracery flanked by gothic finials, above four deeply carved tracery panels, the lower section again with two deeply carved gothic tracery doors flanked by tracery panels, below are two horizontal linenfold drawers with central finial. the sides are also carved with horizontal and vertical linenfold, terminating in square moulded legs with pot shelf below. the two outer stiles carved with four pantocrator marks of "the orb surmounted by a cross", this suggests that an association with a high status ecclesiastical building, possibly a bishops palace n the early years of its life.fantastic colour and quality.

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