Decorate your home with an antique candlestand

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Candlestands can be used to create very dramatic effect on the look and feel of your space.
Antique candle stands come with characteristic appeal that that can achieve a  unique effect wherever they are placed. Maybe adding a sense of drama or mystery…
Within your interior design, the small things can often mean the most and such additions apart from being unique, add a touch of class and elegant style to the entire room. A rare 15th/16th Century Oak Tenebrae Pricket Candlestand could make a striking impact on the overall decor.
At Period Oak Antiques we have quite a few candlestand options in store for you. Whilst a modest 17th century French pewter candlestick placed on a table can easily draw the eye, a wall mounted candlestand can fill up your empty walls in a beautiful manner.
We also have a few floor standing candlestands that have an altogether different appeal. A single candle stand can create quite an impact, so imagine what a pair can do as a focal point in a room?
If you appreciate rare and unique items, then this Period Oak Antiques is the place to be. Browse through our website to have a look at the available options.