Decorate your home with dark and rich oak furniture

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Many sing the praises of antique oak furniture, and there is a good reason for it! Dark wood furniture has an inherent beauty of its own which is really attractive. Antique oak furniture can look very dramatic, bold and stylish when incorporated into the modern decor.

Dark wood furniture might seem to be a little out of place in a bright, modern room. But these classic pieces can bring in a touch of charming antique style to your home. If dark antique furniture seems to be a bit austere in a modern space, you can easily soften the impact by styling it with something modern and colourful. Dark wood can look beautiful in a completely white or neutral modern theme using it as the statement piece in a decor.

Period Oak Antiques is well known for its antique oak furniture and we have quite a few great statement pieces in our collection.

Here are our favourite picks that will all make a striking focal point in your decor:
Chests have always been the most functional pieces of furniture with multiple uses around the home. Have a look this dark toned Mid 16th Century Oak Linenfold Chest. A classic item, with just the right amount of bumps and bruises of time to add to its charm! This has plenty of storage space as well.

Then there is this early 17th Century Oak Draw Leaf Centre Table which will make an attractive centre table or a dining table when opened up. The subtle carving and a beautiful colour tone make it a very appealing piece.
We have a few carved oak chairs like this rare Charles I Oak Royalist Wainscot Armchair. This would make a very interesting and dramatic addition to your modern decor.

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