Decorating with Pewter Candlesticks

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Decorative accessories are charming, elegant and add wonderfully to your décor. Period Oak Antiques has always been home to many classy items with great provenance that makes them worthy of being collectors pieces.
A perfect example of this is our wonderful variety of candlesticks. A pewter candlestick, for instance, can add a magical dimension to your home. Antique candlesticks are all the more appealing with the sense of drama that they can instil into a decor. Groups or a pair of classic candlesticks can give your space a timeless look.
Take this 17th century pewter candlestick for example. This beautiful antique piece features a circular foot with its upper rim encircled by a deep moulding to form a drip pan. The dark appearance of the cylindrical stem looks classic. Pewter candlesticks like this one were popular and dated back to the beginning of the 17th Century. Visit our website to see our full collection.  
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