Dramatic Antique Portraits as Wall Art

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Wall art is one of the most crucial parts of the decorating process. At Period Oak Antiques we have always believed that gilt-framed antique portraits, traditional landscape paintings and oil paintings are a fabulous way of adding impact to your contemporary spaces.

Portraits especially can animate an entire room wonderfully. With the right interior setting, you canachieve a fantastic contrast between historical periods and modern day to bring out the beauty of a traditional masterpiece. Such a set-up can make the old look absolutely fresh and at the same time add a bit of intrigue to your space.

We currently have this stunning piece in our collection that will look wonderful in a contemporary set-up.

A fine 17th-century portrait of a Nobleman. Portraits like these have been getting more attention than ever before and this portrait is an interesting one with an air of drama surrounding it! The Nobleman is pictured in an ermine trimmed scarlet robe, resting his hand on a ledge featuring an Earl’s Coronet. This piece would make for a stunning inclusion in so many decor themes.

We have more interesting pieces of art in our collection, do have a look. These are the kind of things that can be used in ways other than their intended purpose in the most wonderful manner.