Eclectic Antique Side Tables

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Long, curved, short, tall, thick and thin - side tables are a type of furniture that has an astounding level of variety. Side tables have been a functional favourite since the 17th century to the modern day. The forms might have evolved with time, but there is a beautiful variety amongst these classics from the 17th or 18th century. Side tables from the old world were accent tables that added beautifully to the décor. Accent tables during this time provided a surface to hold keys, pictures and purses, as well as decorative elements such as vases and other such knick-knacks that were used to beautify the home.

Since their earlier versions, side tables have been available in different forms. From beautiful demilune tables, tea tables, gueridon tables to console tables, Pembroke tables and many other stunning varieties. Period Oak Antiques has a beautiful mix of antique oak side tables from different eras such as the William and Mary tables, Charles II oak tables etc.

These different types of tables were crafted to serve specific purposes. Here is a quick look at some beautiful types of tables that serve as beautiful side tables today:

Gate Leg Table
This was first used in the late 16th century for more intimate dining where a smaller table was required. These could be easily moved around and stored which added to the functionality. Gate leg tables usually featured 6 legs with two hinged leaves that dropped down when not in use.

Pembroke Tables
These tables are typically characterised by two flaps of different shapes flanking a central drawer supported by hinged brackets when raised.

Demilune Tables
“Half-moon” shape perfectly describes these semi-circular tables designed to stand against the wall. These were popular in the 17th century in France as a compact piece that adorned narrow hallways or entryways.

Console Tables
Similar to demilune tables are the console tables that also feature at least one undecorated side that goes up against a wall. These tables, unlike the demilune tables, are usually rectangular in shape.

Pie Crust Tables
These originated in the 18th century and were usually used for serving tea or coffee. These tables are often associated with Queen Anne and Chippendale designs.

Guéridon Tables
These French tables are small round tables that are supported either by a single column, or several legs. These tables often featured a sculptural mythological figure made out of wood, metal or bronze.

Tea Tables and Game Tables
These tables, as their names suggest, were designed for specific purposes and were exceptionally versatile.  

We have quite a few good-looking examples in our collection. Browse through the categories for detailed descriptions of all our available pieces.