Embracing History: The Charm of Dole Cupboards

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Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Step back in time with our exquisite find: the Charles I Carved Oak Mural/Dole Cupboard, a true testament to English craftsmanship circa 1630. This stunning piece boasts exceptional colour and patination, reflecting the rich history it carries.
Dole cupboards, once a vital part of homes in the 15th century, served as primitive refrigerators. Ventilated and intricately carved, they stored food while ensuring it stayed fresh. The geometrical designs on the cupboard's door allowed air circulation, preserving the stored items. Interestingly, these cupboards were named 'dole' as they held food designated for the poor, a noble purpose that adds depth to their historical significance.
Our collection includes these remarkable dole cupboards, each telling a unique story of the past. Whether placed on the floor or hung on walls, their beautifully carved exteriors bring an air of elegance to any space. While their original function may have evolved, their timeless beauty endures.
Explore our antique cupboards section to witness the intricate artistry and historical allure of these dole cupboards. Bring home a piece of history and let its presence enrich your living space, adding a touch of old-world charm to your modern abode.