English Antique Furniture

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

The history of English Antique Furniture has a lot in store for you in terms of versatility in designs. Some of the noted eras of furniture included the English Renaissance period, Baroque and Rococo Styles, Neoclassical, Victorian Era of machine made furniture, Art and Crafts furniture etc. All the styles had furniture options that were very unique in terms of the design elements and craftsmanship. There are pieces from the Baroque style that can invoke drama and a sense of history to pieces that are casually appealing and can create a very warm and welcoming environment like the country style options. As against the exuberance of the Baroque style was the Palladian style which was ornamental yet not overly exuberant.
The Georgian style that was all about carving and golden ornamentation with motifs like lion masks, satyr or human masks, acanthus, claw and ball foot, scroll foot and the paw foot etc. The Victorian era mass produced a lot of machine made products that were a little less expensive and not unique. To counter the effect of degrading quality of the mass produced Victorian furniture was the Arts and Crafts furniture period which made an effort in restoring the fine elements of hand crafted furniture.
English furniture has had a vast history and has a lot to offer in terms of designs. Every period in the history of English Furniture has something unique to offer. There are pieces that can be incorporated into the home which are sure to create lasting impressions.
Period Oak Antiques has quite a few elements from the English past.

A good example is a Mid 17th century english oak refectory table. circa 1650. This fine mid 17th century table has a top hewn from a single plank of oak 3" thick. An unusual feature of this table is that it has two salting bowls scooped out of the underside of the top. The table would have been used on one side for dining upon then turned over to work upon. the six legged base has a lovely rich patina which are all united by stretchers. The provenance is from the Sparling and Cunliffe families, Petton Park, Shropshire.. It measures 9ft 4" long x 32.5" deep x 30" high.

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