English Oak Refectory Table

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Monday, July 26, 2021

A refectory table is basically a highly elongated dining table that was originally used in European monasteries. Interestingly, the name was so given to this type of table because the dining room in a monastery was called a refectory. Refectories were large spaces in which groups of monks or priests would come together for dining. Over time, the refectory table also became quite popular in large residences such as abbeys or castles. These tables were used by royalty and noblemen for feasts and banquets. They were typically a part of all important occasions including weddings and birthdays, or for receiving important dignitaries.

Refectory tables were often found in oak with solid and thick cylindrical legs. The low stretcher built close to the floor was a typical feature. This design made the refectory tables stable and durable. By utilising one of these tables in a modern home you can easily aim for the traditional/classic look. You can introduce an ‘Old World’ feel to your dining area.

You can also have a contemporary look using refectory tables as they have a natural and rustic look. These fit in well as farmhouse tables as well as for community and group dining. Large kitchens or open floor plans also benefit well with these chunky and solid refectory tables.

At Period Oak Antiques we have this wonderful Charles II English oak refectory table in our collection. This stunning table has a well figured and thick two plank top with cleated ends, standing on six boldly turned legs united by stretchers. The colour is gorgeous and the patina absolutely beautiful! Visit the product page for more details.