Experimenting with antiques

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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Antiques have the quality of adding a unique character to homes. Some antiques are that versatile that they can be incorporated in the homes in intended ways or in ways in which they are cleverly repurposed into pieces that are both practical and compliment the various aged homes and the varied decorating styles.
For example there are many other items apart from paintings and other such usual wall embellishments to adorn the walls. These tracery panels for instance will look beautiful on the walls. Ceiling bosses and other carved antiques also make great wall embellishments.
Antique seating options can be reupholstered in bright colours so that they add an extra dimension. A modern vanity or a console table can be paired with an antique mirror. Modern tables can have antique works of art which will look great and make a statement. Antique chests and coffers have versatile uses and can be used in bedrooms and other rooms for a variety of purposes. Antique occasional tables that are usually small in size can be used as bedside tables or as side tables in the living rooms and the like.
Regarding antique cupboards, whilst smaller ones never go amiss the larger cupboards like armoires are the true beauties and along with great looks they also provide ample storage.
Antiques bring in a sense of history and charm to a place. You can play around with these in the most versatile of the ways.
Experiment with antiques in your homes to give it an elegant edge and create a space that is truly unique.