Find a collection of antique oak armchairs

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Period Oak Antiques is home to a collection of antique oak armchairs, all of the finest examples and some very rare.
The armchairs in our stock are genuinely majestic and will look stunning in any room you choose. If you are looking for a chair with some artistic flair and brilliant style, you must have a look at our collection. Our oak armchairs in dark colours are all loaded with charm and style and will make a great focal point.
Take this mid 17th century English carved and dated oak wainscot chair, for instance. The deep shade and the intricate detailing give it an exquisite appeal. This is a true classic antique and will make a great statement piece in a modern space.
This wonderful Charles II Yorkshire oak and inlaid wainscot armchair is another classic from the late 16th century. It is a beautifully carved oak chair with a significant presence and again will make a great focal point in the decor.
There are many iconic designs available with us that are similar yet all have unique individual qualities.
Go for a single statement piece or create a perfect ensemble with a duo, anything and everything to do with these chairs makes a great impression. Visit us to have a look at all the available pieces.