Find a Rare Early 15th Century Brass Candelabra, UK

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Did you know that gothic candelabras make very unique and at the same time very dramatic objets d’art in the modern home?
The candelabras of the 1800’s in brass or silver were the star of the evening dinner table and provided both illumination and decoration for meal times. The candelabra was a very important part of the household along with candlesticks, right until the end of the 18th century when light fixtures came into being. 

See our beautiful early 15th century Nuremburg brass candelabra which depicts a peasant holding aloft two gothic candle sconces, standing on a gothic triform base. for other very attractive antique options, we have two very rare and unique examples in store for you.
These kind of objects will make any space appear all the more dramatic with their antique charm and Gothic appeal.
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