Give a New Look to Your Home with Antique Country Furniture

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Country style furniture is all about a relaxed appeal that infuses a home with warmth and natural comfort. There is nothing overly elaborate about country style furniture. It is all about simple and minimalist designs since the true roots of the country style goes way back to simple rural living. Incorporated in the modern homes, these can bring in a fresh difference to the everyday design schemes.
Imagine having a beautiful country style comfortable home right in the middle of a crowded city. When you get off the busy streets, you enter your very own comfortable country furniture haven! That is exactly what the country style furniture can help you achieve. The colours when it comes to country style swing between pastels to browns to bright contrasts in some cases but are always very earthy and inspired by nature's palette.
Unlike the traditional antiques which are either very ornate or formal looking, the country style brings in more of a casual and relaxed appeal. Thanks to their simple elegance, these can also blend in easily in the modern day decor. Be it a sleek modern kitchen or a formal dining room that needs a casual makeover, the country style furniture can bring in that relaxed vibe wherever needed with the little snippets or bigger furniture pieces incorporated here and there.
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Take for example this Late 17th Century Engliah Oak Trestle Table of date circa 1680

This table has a thick two plank top with cleated edges above  testle base with mitred edges and pegged central stretcher. Possibly from the est Country