Gothic Settles

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Friday, March 03, 2023

Gothic settles were first created in the 12th century, with the trend of these unique pieces of furniture lasting until around the 16th century.
But what exactly is a settle? Basically, a settle is a wooden bench with a high back and armrests at either side that can usually seat 3-4 people at once. They are inspired by chests. When people realised how convenient chests were within their homes, they wanted something similar for their seating as well,which is why many settles feature storage under the seating area.
Gothic settles in particular made use of tracery panels in abundance. These tracery panels were one of the most bold and beautiful creative features of gothic architecture as well as furniture, often used on walls and mirrors too.
This lighter toned wooden gothic settle features 3 tracery panels placed closely next to each other giving it a royal look. The top of the backrest features carvings that make it look like a king’s crown.
Gothic settles today can make an interesting feature where you might want a statement period piece. They are highly decorative and beautiful to look at too. Have a look at what we have in store for you.