How Using Antique Portraits Can Enhance Your Space

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Add heaps of personality to your home and take the arty scales a notch higher with some antique and vintage paintings in your decor. A stunning piece from the past will not only fill up your empty walls but also spin your decor scheme 360 degrees in one bold artsy move! These paintings have the potential to work wonders in your home. Here is how:

Nothing can add more charm and dramatic appeal to your décor than a portrait. These paintings are interesting and come with a good dose of history with a story to tell.

A good portrait with some bold tones can be an exciting addition to a neutral palette. These will not only add colour to an empty wall but also provide a good focal point.

Multiply the charm with Multiples
Adding a pair or a set can instantly dramatise a space. A series of portraits, after all, also makes a fine collection.

Distressed Appeal
Although you might want your piece in its prime, a few signs of age beautifully add to the charm and drama. SIgns of its age add to its appeal, so do not worry about some signs of age.

The frames used for antique portraits are as important as the portraits themselves. The use of gilded frames, for instance, makes the photos stand out even more.

The use of portraits will make your space decorative and elegant. Landscapes and abstracts are beautiful, but there is something special about portraits that other paintings don't possess. Portraits cleverly placed in a décor give way to imagination, creating an atmosphere of interest. Hang these individually or in groups or pairs, an impact is guaranteed!

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