Livery Cupboard

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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Check out this fabulous Charles II livery cupboard that we have just acquired. This beautiful cupboard with a central heavy moulded drawer and a potboard base with scalloped frieze is in excellent condition and a warm colour. Perfect for the classic or the contemporary decor.

What exactly is the livery cupboard though? This cupboard has come long way from being used for food storage to being used in decorative ways these days in the contemporary decor. The word ‘livery’ has probably been derived from the French word livrer, which means to deliver
This livery cupboard typically comes with pierced doors and is also commonly known as the almoner's cupboard.

These late 15th century cupboards are of English origins usually boasting carved open tracery. There were other forms of these livery cupboards quite popular during the earlier times were the ones put to use in the hall, parlour etc and were mostly the enclosed versions of the cupboards for display.

At Period Oak Antiques we have a fine range of antique livery cupboards amongst our collection of antique cupboards