Exploring the Legacy of 17th Century Refectory Tables

Refectory tables from the 17th century have a fascinating history and unique characteristics that make them standout pieces of furniture.

Refectory tables were typically long and narrow tables originally used in monasteries for dining. They are known for their sturdy construction, often made of oak or other durable woods, with simple yet elegant designs. These tables were designed to accommodate large gatherings and communal dining, reflecting the communal lifestyle of that era.

Discover the Beauty of Antique Cupboards at Period Oak Antiques

Period Oak Antiques offers a remarkable collection of antique cupboards that transport visitors on a journey through the pages of history. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and historical significance, this renowned antique store showcases a diverse array of cupboards from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, each with its own captivating story to tell.

The Appeal of Antique Portraits in Home Decor

Antique portraits hold a timeless elegance and offer a glimpse into the past while adding a touch of unique to your home decor. From adding a sense of charm to acting as a form of expression, there are numerous reasons why antique portraits can be a delightful addition to your decor.

Pewter's Essential Role Through Time

Pewter, a tin alloy combined with copper, bismuth, antimony, or lead for durability, served a vital purpose before the 19th century. A pair of pewter candlesticks, now admired for decor, once provided essential light for reading, writing, and sewing. This malleable metal became a household staple, crafted into varied items. Controlled by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers. By the 15th century, English pewter became the country's second most vital export after cloth.

Solid Comfort: Antique Oak Settles for Timeless Relaxation

Antique settles, with their charming aesthetics, often raise the question: Are they truly comfortable? The answer lies in their unique design. These deep settles boast a width that allows for comfortable sleeping, making them versatile pieces of furniture. However, when devoid of cushions, their seat might lack the plush comfort of modern alternatives.

Time-Travel Through Art with our 16th Century Flemish Oak Panels

Step into the past with our latest marvels – a substantial pair of 16th-century deeply carved oak panels, a testament to the craftsmanship of Flemish artisans circa 1580. The intricate carvings showcase the divine figures of St. John the Evangelist and St. Matthew, each meticulously portrayed within an arch framed by columns boasting Corinthian capitals and Renaissance floral embellishments.

Embracing History: The Charm of Dole Cupboards

Step back in time with our exquisite find: the Charles I Carved Oak Mural/Dole Cupboard, a true testament to English craftsmanship circa 1630. This stunning piece boasts exceptional colour and patination, reflecting the rich history it carries.

A Buyer's Guide to buying Antique Oak Side Tables

Are you enchanted by the allure of antique oak side tables? We understand the timeless appeal of these exquisite pieces, and we're here to guide you in your search for the perfect one. As avid enthusiasts of antique furniture, we've curated a comprehensive list of tips to assist you in your search for the ideal antique oak side table.

Timeless Oak Charm: Antique Oak Cupboards Unveiled

Step into the world of timeless oak charm as we unveil our exquisite collection of antique oak cupboards at Period Oak Antiques. Within this section, you'll discover a diverse array of antique cupboards, each with its unique character and exceptional condition. Our curated selection spans the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, showcasing the enduring beauty of antique oak craftsmanship.

Capturing the Past with Fascinating Stories behind Antique Portraits

Transport yourself through time with the captivating allure of antique portraits, each a portal to a bygone era. These remarkable artworks hold within them the power to unfold narratives that are long lost to history, while offering us a glimpse into the lives, emotions, and aspirations of the people of the past.

Antique Wainscot Chairs: Embracing British History and Timeless Beauty

Antique wainscot chairs are exquisite treasures that allow us to journey through time and immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of British history. Within our remarkable collection, you will find an array of exceptional pieces that speak volumes about the craftsmanship and artistry of their era. Amongst them are rare gems such as the Bold and Impressive Late Elizabethan Oak Wainscot Armchair, the Fine and Rare Charles I Oak Royalist Wainscot Armchair from Gloucestershire, circa 1635 to name a few.

The Timeless Beauty of Antique Pewter Candlesticks: A Guide to Choosing and Displaying Them

Pewter candlesticks have been used for centuries to light up homes and add a touch of elegance to dinner tables and mantelpieces. Today, antique pewter candlesticks continue to be a popular choice for collectors and those looking to add a vintage touch to their home decor.

Choosing the right antique dealer to shop antiques

The middle ages or the medieval ages were a period in history that lasted from the late 5th century to the late 15th century. This was a period in history when Britain witnessed a great many developments with regards to art.

Coffee Tables for Home Interiors

Coffee tables were first developed in Europe and England when coffee houses first started being established. The early coffee tables were made in different shapes and sizes with a variety of designs to suit interests and tastes. Over time, the use and look of the coffee table evolved as per the trends of the time. In today’s modern world, coffee tables have become an integral part of home interiors.

Decorating with Antique Pewter Candlesticks

Candlesticks add a different kind of essence to the room where they are used. As well as your regular home décor and furniture, you can use candlesticks to enhance the room's look. Minimalistic yet attractive, pewter candlesticks are antique, long, delicate, and needless to say, pretty decorative too.

Gothic Settles

Gothic settles were first created in the 12th century, with the trend of these unique pieces of furniture lasting until around the 16th century.

But what exactly is a settle? Basically, a settle is a wooden bench with a high back and armrests at either side that can usually seat 3-4 people at once. They are inspired by chests. When people realised how convenient chests were within their homes, they wanted something similar for their seating as well,which is why many settles feature storage under the seating area.


Planning to Buy Antique Oak Furniture? Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to antique wood furniture, you have a wide range of options. But how do you know which one to choose? With so many options and so many authentic pieces of furniture, it becomes difficult to know which is the right one for your house and your space.

Importance of Buying from a Genuine Antique Dealer

Antique lovers are extremely fond of buying their décor and furniture at regular intervals. With the digitisation of the world, nowadays they have a lot of possibilities and options to choose from. However, it is important to know which dealers are genuine and which are best avoided. If you get caught out buying from a dealer that is not genuine, you may end up paying a lot for something that is newly made and not necessarily antique.

What are Antique Dole Cupboards?

Dole cupboards, also known as livery cupboards, were used in the 15th century to store food. Filling the role of the modern day refrigerator to some extent, they were ventilated in such a way that made them suitable for food storage. The top and sides of the cupboard were often flat with the front door in geometrical shapes to allow air to go in and out.

Dramatic Antique Portraits as Wall Art

Wall art is one of the most crucial parts of the decorating process. At Period Oak Antiques we have always believed that gilt-framed antique portraits, traditional landscape paintings and oil paintings are a fabulous way of adding impact to your contemporary spaces.

The Rich History of Medieval Sculptures

Medieval sculptures are alluring pieces that never fail to capture the imagination. They have a long history, spanning from the late 400s right through to the 14th century, which marked the beginning of the Renaissance. This period was called the Middle Ages and Romanesque art, including the fascinating medieval sculptures, flourished during this time in Europe.

Why Should You Go For An Antique Oak Side Table?

Once upon a time, we looked at side tables only as bedroom tables with them being functional only next to a bed. That was the time when side tables were used only in the bedrooms and probably nowhere else in the home.  
For the other rooms in the house there were designated pieces of furniture such as centre tables and larger side table designs or sideboards that were used in the living or dining rooms.

Choose Oak for Beautiful and Robust Antique Furniture

There is just something about oak that stands out in the most appealing manner, which is why so many people regard oak furniture as one of the most beautiful types of antique. As well as being aesthetically attractive, oak furniture also offers high levels of strength and durability meaning you can rely on it lasting a very long time.

Decorating with Pewter Candlesticks

Decorative accessories are charming, elegant and add wonderfully to your décor. Period Oak Antiques has always been home to many classy items with great provenance that makes them worthy of being collectors pieces.

Antique Portraits for a Dramatic Decor

Some of the most captivating paintings that we have seen throughout history are portraits, with the Mona Lisa being the perfect example! Abstracts, landscapes and other such paintings have their place, but there is just something special about portraits that other forms don’t have. Whether a portrait is old or new, a digital print or an old painting, it inspires questions about the hidden stories associated with the subject. Portraits, especially antique portraits, ignite imagination and add a sense of mystery to the space. It can invoke ideas about the person in the painting, what they must be thinking or feeling and how their life must have been.

Antique Oak Settle

A lovely type of furniture that many people aren’t familiar with are antique settles. These are unusual and not as common as their other seating counterparts such as armchairs, daybeds or sofas. An antique settle is a type of wooden English antique bench that features a high back and open arms. Settles were typically constructed from oak, however often other locally sourced wood was used. Antique settles originated somewhere around the early 17th Century, featuring a simple construction with clout nails or pegs. While most settles showcased simple carvings with raised plain panels for the back, there were those that were highly decorative with beautiful carvings.

Antique Chopping Board as Coffee Table?

Using an antique chopping board as a coffee table? It sounds weird, but if offbeat is your style calling, this one's for you. We have this wonderful 18th century sycamore and ash chopping block which could work wonderfully as a coffee table. It is the perfect coffee table height and has a lovely patina. Absolutely in its raw form, this coffee table has a characterful appeal thanks to its wonderful signs of age that the table carries with utmost pride.

One of a Kind: Oak Mural/Dole Cupboard

Here is a look at a gorgeous mural cupboard dating back to the 16th century. This one is a Charles I carved oak mural/dole cupboard. It is a very pretty mural cupboard in exceptional colour and patination. The framed front showcases turned spindles and guilloche carved surrounds. This fine-looking example is believed to have come from the West Country.

Regal Antique Oak Chairs

The antique chairs we have in our collection at Period Oak Antiques are truly fit for royalty, with plenty of eye-catching options that have a profoundly regal air about them! We have a number of ornate high-backed antique oak chairs that are absolutely stunning. These beautiful dark woodchairs stand tall and elegant in any décor, and the inherent beauty that comes with dark wood furniture brings charm and allure. Antique oak furniture has a very dramatic, bold and stylish appeal that can work very well in modern settings.

An Intriguing Pair of Tudor Figural Terms

Period Oak Antiques has a treasure trove of antique carvings and works of art including corbels, hammer beams, candle stands, carved oak panels, sculpted figures, mortars, gothic sculpture, English medieval sculpture, brass alms dishes and a whole lot more. We place a lot of importance on provenance and most of the antiques in our collection are sourced from private collections or elite places.

From the World of Antique Seating: Oak Settles

Antique sofas, armchairs, and a whole variety of antique dining chairs such as Windsor chairs, ladder back chairs and the like are the kinds commonly heard of. But antique settles are unusual and not as common as their other seating counterparts. What exactly are they then?

A few quick facts about antique settles;
They are wooden English antique benches often featuring a high back and open arms, typically constructed using oak primarily or other woods that were locally sourced. Antique settles originated somewhere around the early 17th Century.


Eclectic Antique Side Tables

Long, curved, short, tall, thick and thin - side tables are a type of furniture that has an astounding level of variety. Side tables have been a functional favourite since the 17th century to the modern day. The forms might have evolved with time, but there is a beautiful variety amongst these classics from the 17th or 18th century. Side tables from the old world were accent tables that added beautifully to the décor. Accent tables during this time provided a surface to hold keys, pictures and purses, as well as decorative elements such as vases and other such knick-knacks that were used to beautify the home.

English Oak Refectory Table

A refectory table is basically a highly elongated dining table that was originally used in European monasteries. Interestingly, the name was so given to this type of table because the dining room in a monastery was called a refectory. Refectories were large spaces in which groups of monks or priests would come together for dining. Over time, the refectory table also became quite popular in large residences such as abbeys or castles. These tables were used by royalty and noblemen for feasts and banquets. They were typically a part of all important occasions including weddings and birthdays, or for receiving important dignitaries.

Pieces with Interesting Provenance

When buying antiques, it's common to take an interest in their condition, design, and rarity. Having a general idea about the origin is desirable and often an item will come with an in-depth account of its provenance. Alongside its quality, a detailed record of its history contributes a lot towards the value of a piece. Having records of the chronology of movement of the said piece is not common and is the kind of information that is highly considered by collectors.

Country House Dresser

Antique dressers can make a great inclusion in modern interiors, especially the antique oak examples. Although antique dressers were used traditionally to store cutlery, crockery or dining essentials, these are functional today for a lot more than that and can be put to good use in modern homes. The storage capacity is great and these make fantastic storage space for miscellaneous items.

English Medieval Sculpture

Roof angels were one of the most popular and stunning features of the 13th century, during a time in which English structural and decorative work attained a highly superior level of skill. At Period Oak Antiques we have always had a stunning example or two of these beautiful pieces of decorative art.

The allure of Gothic Furniture

The gothic furniture style has its roots in the rich Middle Age churches and closely follows the Gothic architectural styles. Furniture of this style portrays dramatic expressions of the designs of those periods. There is something quite alluring about Gothic furniture. When incorporated into your decor intelligently, this style of furniture can blend into modern designs perfectly while adding a different, unique feel to the room.

17th-century Trestle Table

Luxurious antiques created from exotic woods, with highly ornate designs full of elegance and character, is how we would like to describe our collection. We have recently added some beautiful English antique furniture options, including early antique oak furniture, country furniture, carved panels, side tables, candle stands, chests, sculptures, and a lot more.

16th-Century Portraits

If you have an empty wall, all you need is a piece of powerful art to turn it into a focal point. The most common form of art that can fill that role are paintings. And if you are looking for something that is dramatic, there is nothing better than a portrait. Portraits are the best combination of drama and mystery, especially ones dating back hundreds of years.  

Tudor Oak Lion Newel Post Finial

Bring in a taste of the old world with an exciting inclusion to the decor like this fine and elegant Tudor Oak Lion Newel Post Finial. Finials were used in different ways most commonly as a crowning ornament or decorative detail marking the endpoint or the top of a design piece.

Three 16th Century English Tudor Oak Panels

At Period Oak Antiques, we always have a beautiful collection of items that are rare, unique and make a classic decorative accessory. Antique decorative panels can be used in innovative ways as a decorative accessory that will effortlessly stand out.

17th Century Oak Draw-leaf Centre Table

The latest entrant in our collection of antique furniture pieces is this stunning deep rich coloured early 17th Century Oak Draw Leaf Centre Table.
Sourced from a private Cheshire collection, this table goes as far back as the 17th Century and yet is sturdy and flawlessly fabulous. This beautiful table is perfect as a centre table or even a small cottage refectory table.

How Important is Provenance With Antiques?

Collectors of antiques often pay special attention to the provenance. Provenance provides you with a history of ownership and the related documentation of antique pieces. Provenance is an essential factor while purchasing antiques. It can add substantial value, as also attribute past ownership to famous or important historical places or figures. It is one of the strongest proofs of authenticity if the right and consistent documentation without any gaps are available.

Pair of Rare and Unique Limestone Finials

At Period Oak Antiques, we have a wonderful collection of some of the rarest and unique pieces dating as far back as the 15th century. The latest in our collection is this very rare Pair of Late Medieval English Limestone Lion Finials. This pair depicts crouching lions holding shields with the heraldic coat of arms of the Bassett family.

17th Century Oak Sculpture of St. Nicholas

The latest entrant in our stock of unique artefacts is this 17th-century oak sculpture of St Nicholas rescuing three children.
Who was St. Nicholas?
St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, a Christian monk from the third century A.D. He is considered to be the patron saint of children. Although much of the details about the life of St. Nicholas are uncertain, there are quite a few fold legends centred on his life. St. Nicholas day is celebrated on the 6th of December, which is believed to be the day of his passing. Apart from children, he is also considered to be a patron saint of sailors, wolves, and pawnbrokers, amongst many others.

Romanesque Sculpture of Madonna

Did you know that Romanesque art is one of the oldest European arts that goes as far back as approximately 1000 CE. The period saw the rise of the Gothic style during the 13th Century in particular regions. The time preceding this period was known as Pre-Romanesque. The term ‘Romanesque’ was coined by 19th-century art historians who referred specifically to Romanesque architecture.

15th Century Nottinghamshire Alabaster Relief Sculpture

For collectors of rare and unique items, we have recently added a very special sculpture to our stock sourced from a private collection.
Have a look at this extremely rare English Nottinghamshire Alabaster Relief Sculpture from the 15th Century. Nottinghamshire alabaster refers to the small English religious carvings that were seen during the 14th Century right through to the early 16th Century.

17th Century Portrait Of A Nobleman

Nothing can match up to the intrigue and mystery brought about by antique portrait paintings. Antique portraits introduce some great drama and character. Portraits are capable of igniting the imagination and inviting contemplation, wondering what the stories around the subjects are, what were they thinking and doing.

14th Century English Oak Sculpture

Period Oak Antiques provides a range of distinct antique carvings and statues, each portraying a unique style and absolute finesse. We have stunning stock from the 16th and the 17th century available. Many of our pieces can make a stunning decorative accessory with their decorative detail or make it straight to a collector’s repertoire. One such antique in our collection at the moment is this rare mid 14th Century English Oak Sculpture of St Mathew.

What is a Lectern?

An antique lectern is a simple raised and slanted stand, usually with a slanted top. Commonly found in churches but originally used by speakers to place their notes. The word ‘Lectern’ comes from the Latin word ‘Lectus’, the past participle of the verb ‘Legere’, which means “to read”. Lecturns were usually placed on a stand or fixed on some form of support. These Lecterns facilitated better eye contact for the reader with the audience and helped maintain a better posture. Some styles of lecterns can be adjusted for height or slant.

Stunning Pair of Roof Angels

Roof angels grew in popularity during the late 13th Century with the development and refinement English structural and decorative craftmanship attaining a superior level of skill.
The sophistication seen in the wooden roof structures of the time were simply outstanding - adorned with intricate decorations such as roof angels. Original designs were often decorated with large prominent angel figures carved in wood. Some were finished in their natural wood colour, while some were often colourfully painted. In common, all the figures were carved beautifully with intricate details.

How Using Antique Portraits Can Enhance Your Space

Add heaps of personality to your home and take the arty scales a notch higher with some antique and vintage paintings in your decor. A stunning piece from the past will not only fill up your empty walls but also spin your decor scheme 360 degrees in one bold artsy move! These paintings have the potential to work wonders in your home. Here is how...

What kind of antique extending tables are available?

Extending tables make great additions to homes – either where there are space constraints or plenty of floor area to be flexible. From the world of antiques, there are numerous examples of extending tables you could choose. They tend to be classified according to the type of structure.

Draw-leaf tables:
These tables open up by pulling the leaves which usually rest under the tabletop. These tables are equally functional with the leaves extended or not extended.

Stunning Large and Classic Refectory Table

Refectory tables saw their origin in Europe somewhere in the middle ages. Traditionally, they were used for dining in monasteries, where a larger number of people were seated. Refectory tables were also used as banqueting tables in castles and abbeys as well as nowadays in boarding schools, hotels and other such places which require a good seating capacity.

For contemporary homes, if you are looking for an antique table that is more formal looking than a farmhouse table, a refectory table is a great choice. Amongst the various options of antique refectory tables, you will find many stunning alternatives that are individual and handcrafted.

What exactly is a candelabra?

We have all heard of candlesticks or candle stands in everyday life. Candelabras are just another version of a candle stand, yet famous in their own right both now and in the past. A candelabra is put simply - a candlestick that comes with multiple arms for holding candles.
The term candelabra comes from the Latin word candelabrum, which means a candle-tree. This type of candlestick gets its name for the very reason that the candle stand comes with many branches or arms to hold multiple candles, and often resembles a tree.

Are you looking for a statement side table?

Are you in search of a small antique side table to liven up a wall or a room? We have some gorgeous looking antique furniture pieces that will do just that.

Here are our favourites amongst the many small side tables we have in stock. These are pretty items that can have a great impact on the aesthetic elegance of your space.

The Alluring Charm of 15th-century Antique Elm Chests

If you are looking for uniquely handcrafted chests from the world of antiques, check out these beautiful elm chests in our collection.
The best thing about elm chests is their unashamedly rustic appearance, which is all thanks to the quality of the wood. They might not have the formal appeal of oak chests, but they do have a very earthy appeal, consistent with well-used pieces from days gone by...

Choose an Antique Cricket Table From Our Collection

A cricket table stands on straight legs connected to an apron just below the round top. This form of the table also usually has an under tier set between the legs. Often considered to be the standard form of cricket table.
Ever wondered where the cricket table got its peculiar name from? The origin is more guesswork and reading the different possible explanations that have come up over the years. But we will have a go...

Opening the door to an excellent variety of antique oak cupboards

At Period Oak Antiques, we’re renowned for always holding a highly versatile stock of antique oak furniture, handpicked from a number of genuine sources. Every category we sell is full of amazing and unusual old world variations!

Take our antique cupboards, for instance. Check out are superb current availability. 

Selection of Beautiful 17th and 18th Century Side Tables

Are you looking for a unique side table for your living room? There are some lovely options available. However, by far, the best examples are from the world of antiques, and there is an astounding variety available.
Depending on what you are looking for, be it wanting to add a touch of class with an interesting piece, needing a functional surface to use or display your wares, or a bit of both - you can decide on your options.

Decorate your home with dark and rich oak furniture

Many sing the praises of antique oak furniture, and there is a good reason for it! Dark wood furniture has an inherent beauty of its own which is really attractive. Antique oak furniture can look very dramatic, bold and stylish when incorporated into the modern decor.

Shop English oak counter tables with us

Counter tables are similar to sideboards and buffets.

With these kinds of tables, the words servers, sideboards and buffets are often used interchangeably. Although the furniture has slight variations in style, on the whole, the appearance is quite similar. Counter tables can be used in versatile ways in the modern home. The pieces that we have in our stock are very elegant looking and decorative.


The best 17th century pewter Candlesticks

Candlesticks are a type of decorative accessory that can add a magical glow to your home.
Placed individually or in groups, on the mantel or the dining table or anywhere else in the house, these will look classic and add an elegant touch to any decor.

Candlesticks from the past are all the more appealing with the sense of drama that they can instil into a decor. Groups or a pair of classic candlesticks can give your space a timeless look.


Find a collection of antique oak armchairs

Period Oak Antiques is home to a collection of antique oak armchairs, all of the finest examples and some very rare.

The armchairs in our stock are genuinely majestic and will look stunning in any room you choose. If you are looking for a chair with some artistic flair and brilliant style, you must have a look at our collection. Our oak armchairs in dark colours are all loaded with charm and style and will make a great focal point.


Choose a unique antique oak cupboard for your contemporary home

At Period Oak Antiques we have an excellent variety of antique oak cupboards. Our collection includes some of the rarest examples of antique cupboards that are still in very good condition.
Antique cupboards are versatile pieces of furniture and can be used around contemporary houses in versatile ways. We have a great mix of 15th, 16th and 17th century antique oak cupboards in different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of design themes. These belong to the different style periods such as English, Gothic and Tudor.

Buy 17th Century candlesticks at Period Oak Antiques

Period Oak Antiques is home to some of the finest quality early antique metalware, antique brass pricket sticks, 16th century candlesticks, 17th Century candlesticks and more. All amongst our fine stock of antique furniture belonging to many different periods and of different origins.

If you are looking for some classic examples of the 17th Century candlesticks, we have quite a few in our collection.

Decorate your home with an antique candlestand

Candlestands can be used to create very dramatic effect on the look and feel of your space.
Antique candle stands come with characteristic appeal that that can achieve a  unique effect wherever they are placed. Maybe adding a sense of drama or mystery…

Find a Rare Early 15th Century Brass Candelabra, UK

Did you know that gothic candelabras make very unique and at the same time very dramatic objets d’art in the modern home?
The candelabras of the 1800’s in brass or silver were the star of the evening dinner table and provided both illumination and decoration for meal times. The candelabra was a very important part of the household along with candlesticks, right until the end of the 18th century when light fixtures came into being. 

A Guide to Buying French Sculpture

Since you are looking for French Antique Sculptures, you should first get acquainted with the various styles available. There have been quite a few styles periods with different attributes specific to the styles prevalent during the time. Here is a list of the different styles:

Antique Oak Sculpture at Period Oak Antiques

Antiques Sculptures make an interesting decorative element. These add a sense of drama to the decor and also manage to add depth and warmth to any room in the home. Amongst antique sculptures are human figurines, animal figurines, corbels and a lot more.

16th Century Antique Oak Chests and Coffers

Are you looking for antique oak chests or coffers? At Period Oak Antiques we have a variety of antique oak chests and coffers from different places and periods in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs. 
Our selected collection often includes  medieval chests, carved oak chests and army trunks belonging to the 15th century onwards.

Antique Side Tables

Side tables make a very functional addition to the home. And when these are from the world of antiques, these are all the more interesting and often do a lot of good to the interior with their characteristic charm. Side tables can bring some function and great style to your living space with their not so imposing presence.

English Antique Furniture

 The history of English Antique Furniture has a lot in store for you in terms of versatility in designs. Some of the noted eras of furniture included the English Renaissance period, Baroque and Rococo Styles, Neoclassical, Victorian Era of machine made furniture, Art and Crafts furniture etc. All the styles had furniture options that were very unique in terms of the design elements and craftsmanship.

Guide to English Antique Furniture Styles

English antique furniture styles provide a good versatility in terms of designs. If you plan to incorporate English antiques in your homes here is a bit about the different styles available.

Buying Antique Oak Cupboards

If you are looking for a quality antique oak cupboard here are a few tips to help you make the best buy.

Antique Medieval Chests

Over the centuries the wooden chest and trunks have been the most common and functional pieces of furniture found in every home. During the medieval times, the wealthy nobles would own a number of chests which served the purpose of both furniture and luggage. Over the years and with the intended use, the simple storage chests have evolved into various different styles depending on the uses.


Choosing the Right Type of Antique Buffet

Antique buffets and sideboards make great additions to the home.
These traditionally used to sit next to the walls of the dining rooms and were primarily used for serving food. The cupboards under provide ample space for storage of cutlery and dishes. In the modern homes these can be put to versatile functional uses. Apart from being functional these are full of charm and character that look very elegant in the contemporary homes.

Tips for Choosing Antique Oak furniture

Antique oak furniture apart from being very attractive and appealing is quite durable too thanks to the quality of the wood and its strength. The antique oak furniture items come mostly in darker tones which carry a formal air and there are also options available in warm honey color, shiny reddish, mellow brown tone etc.

Choose Antique Oak Coffers From Period Oak Antiques

Coffers first came into being in the 17th and the early 18th century. Often also referred to as strongbox, money box, cash box, money chest, treasure chest, casket, trunk, box, safe, safety-deposit box, safe-deposit box or repository.
These elegant pieces of furniture were commonly used in the olden days as storage pieces and now still make a handy storage accessory.

A Guide to Antique Carvings

Many antique carvings are from the 15th century, some eralier and some later. They make great decorative pieces. The unique appearance and skilled craftsmanship that each of the items portray is often simply stunning. If you are planning to go for an antique carving or a sculpture and do not know where to start here is a quick guide to help you get started.

Find the Best Antique Oak Chairs

When incorporated in the right manner, Antiques blend in very well and complement the look of your contemporary decor. Antique elements in the decor bring in a certain charm and character to your homes. Antique chairs are a favourite inclusion in the modern homes and achieve the same charm and character as the other furniture options. These bring in a sense of style and comfort to your homes. The variety you can find in terms of style, colours and designs is enormous.

Decorate your home with an antique dresser

Antiques add charm, history and mystery to your decor.  Invariably they also appreciate in value as opposed to a new piece of furniture.

There are different kinds of antique furniture items that you can incorporate in your home to bring in the feel of the old world. Antique dressers are one such kind of furniture items that are packed with an aesthetic appeal and are at the same time functional.

Give a New Look to Your Home with Antique Country Furniture

Country style furniture is all about a relaxed appeal that infuses a home with warmth and natural comfort. There is nothing overly elaborate about country style furniture. It is all about simple and minimalist designs since the true roots of the country style goes way back to simple rural living. Incorporated in the modern homes, these can bring in a fresh difference to the everyday design schemes.

An Introduction to Gothic Tracery and Furniture

Gothic art and architecture has time and again been associated with the dark and mysterious by many. But Gothic style did the exact opposite and brought sunshine to the holy churches. The Gothic architecture, which has its roots in the Romanesque architectural style, developed primarily into the ecclesiastical architecture and was often seen in the churches, cathedrals and abbeys, castles, palaces as well as the town and guild halls, civic buildings etc of the time. This style flourished in the medieval period somewhere in the late 12th century and lived through to the 16th century. In terms of design, the gothic architecture has been characterized by pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, large windows and pinnacles, fantastic ornamentation and exquisite tracery.

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Rare Medieval Oak Sculpture

The Rairity of English pre-reformation sculpture cannot be over exaggerated.

When the reformation of the churches cathedrals and sacred sites of England occurred in 1530 under the reign of Henry the V111 all devotional medieval works of art were destroyed by huge bonfires  or smashed to smithereens in all towns and cities of England.

Antique Chests - So popular and useful

At Period Oak Antiques we have managed to acquire some very elegant antique chests that are nothing but class apart. Antique chests are being repurposed in todays's homes in the most versatile of the ways these days. While some become coffee tables or the side tables, others are useful for their storage capacity as well as enhancing the decor in whatever room setting is chosen. We have some of the finest options that will be loved by the collectors and enthusiasts.

See this latest entrant to our antiques for sale at Period Oak Antiques

A fine pair of early 17th century stone leopards
Originally believed to have belonged to the Sackville family these leopards represent the Sackville coat of arms.

Wainscot Chairs

The Wainscot chair (also commonly known as the panel or joined chair) usually was made out of the finest grade of oak. These chairs are typically characterized by flat wooden seats with molded edges, a beautifully carved seat rail and legs joined by low straight stretchers. The wainscot chairs usually come with shaped front legs and square sectioned back legs.

Livery Cupboard

Check out this fabulous Charles II livery cupboard that we have just acquired. This beautiful cupboard with a central heavy moulded drawer and a potboard base with scalloped frieze is in excellent condition and a warm colour. Perfect for the classic or the contemporary decor.

Antique four poster beds

Four poster beds, though the prized possessions of the past have had a dwindling existence in the interiors today. This is perhaps because of the shrinking size of the contemporary bedrooms and that no longer is the bedroom a place of public presence where a grand bed seen by many was an essential tool for displaying ones wealth. The four poster bed was the king of all beds due to its inposing size and often ornate design. 

We have moved from Presteigne to the Lake District

We moved from our wonderful location in Presteigne to an equally beautiful location here in  the Lake District. Our stock of beautiful antique furniture and other stunning decorative antiques though remains as good and interesting as ever and our showroom offers even more benefits to the visitor than before.

Experimenting with antiques

Antiques have the quality of adding a unique character to homes. Some antiques are that versatile that they can be incorporated in the homes in intended ways or in ways in which they are cleverly repurposed into pieces that are both practical and compliment the various aged homes and the varied decorating styles.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner again.
Here are some suggestions for the late shoppers!

Valuing your antiques

Valuing antiques is not easy. But there are again quite a few pointers that will help you to ascertain a rough value of the antique. We have already seen some guidance for identifying whether an antique is original or fake. Once it is ascertained whether the item is a mere reproduction or an original classic you can then proceed with the valuation process.

Antique Four Poster Beds

For centuries the antique oak fourposter bed has been the prized possession in many a great household throughout the land, from castles to manor houses, farmhouses and cottages alike. these great beds have always been the focal point of a period bed chamber, even to this day they are still in great demand, they look equally at home in a modern setting as in a period home.

Tracery Panels

Gothic architecture has been an important influence ever since its beginning. The Gothic period was characterized by beautiful things and Gothic  architecture was often considered the most important feature of the period. The Gothic architecture had its roots in the Romanesque art and started taking shape somewhere in the late 12th century to the early 13th century. The Gothic period is roughly classified into the early, high and the late Gothic periods and extends right up to the 16th century.

A magnificent Royal oak chest from the 15th century

We are proud to have in stock a truly outstanding antique carved oak chest, with an impeccable regal history.
This imposing ‘great chest’ was made in northern France towards the end of the 15th century and has intricate carving on the front. It is in wonderful condition, thanks to standing in a royal palace for hundreds of years, until Queen Juliana of the Netherlands gave it to a baroness from one of the country’s oldest families.

Rare Antique Wooden Ceiling Bosses

Wooden ceiling bosses were a common feature seen in the cathedrals and church during the early times, predominantly the 13th and the 14th century. These ornamental objects were an important part of the Gothic Architecture and were a common feature in most of the Gothic churches. The ceiling bosses were beautifully created to be decorative as well as functional.

Antique joint stools and their different uses

Stools are the seating options that come without arms or the back rest and are usually suitable for one person. Joint Stools were one of the most common form of sitting in the early times. These were made in bulk quantities during the 16th and the 17th century. The joint stools were one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and were used for a variety of different purposes.

If tables could talk what a tale they would tell !

Over the centuries the  table has allways been the centre of the household, literally used for everything whether to celebrate special occasions such as christmas, births, marriages and feasts for all occasions. The table has allways been the platform for the family gathering.

Why Buy Brand New When You Can Invest In An Antique?

Seeing the notice of the upcoming Interiors UK 2014 exhibition of brand new oak furniture at Birmingham, I wondered why people would spend money on new furniture and see their purchase depreciate dramatically over a period when they could so easily invest in an antique table instead? If they go for antiques (which will come for about the same price) it would in fact gain further in value instead of depreciate. Well more often than not it usually does!

How to Spot a Fake Wood Antique Carving

Unfortunately there are the occasional fake antiques on the market which are not as easy to spot. When buying antique oak furniture and other period antiques you need to be very careful to acquire the genuine articles and not fall foul to a fake antique. Even though it is no easy task to spot fake antiques, there are a few pointers that might help you in identifying the real antiques from the fake.
September 2013


Vintiquing in the country

Rosanna Morris explores the byways and backwaters of rural Britain to track down inspirational antiques and interiors shops worth going the extra mile for.
August 2013



These remarkable chairs are freestanding which is very unusual as they are normally found conjoined in rows within an area devoted to the church choir. The back moulded legs are splayed outward and joined by a pinned stretcher as are the front ones. the deeply carved imagery on all three chairs consists of a central carved misericord seat flanked on each armrest by unusually prominent carved figures, each figure with its own medieval meaning. There is no real evidence of them ever being conjoined, but if they where it was possibly at a stage very early in their construction.
August 2013