Opening the door to an excellent variety of antique oak cupboards

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Friday, May 24, 2019

At Period Oak Antiques, we’re renowned for always holding a highly versatile stock of antique oak furniture, handpicked from a number of genuine sources. Every category we sell is full of amazing and unusual old world variations!

Take our antique cupboards, for instance. Check out are superb current availability. 

Aumbry: This is a cupboard or secure receptacle in the side wall of the sanctuary or sacristy. Aumbries were traditionally used to keep sacred vessels, books, reliquaries and oils for anointing. Up until the Reformation, they were also a keepsafe for the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament.

Mural Cupboards: These are smaller in size and were often hung on walls to keep the contents safe from vermin.

Buffet Tables: They were originally designed to store dishes and provide a suitable surface to display food. To this day, these highly practical tables are still widely used for this purpose. Buffet tables often have one or more small drawers for storing flatware and small items, along with larger cabinets underneath to store dishes and larger items.

We are delighted to showcase this wonderful museum quality Lakeland Marriage Cupboard, which has a truly rich provenance.

Livery Cupboards: A livery cupboard was traditionally used for food storage. This fine example, commonly known as an almoner's cupboard, typically comes with pierced doors.

Open the door to a bygone antique age! Check out all these wonderful options under our Antique Cupboards category.