Pieces with Interesting Provenance

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

When buying antiques, it's common to take an interest in their condition, design, and rarity. Having a general idea about the origin is desirable and often an item will come with an in-depth account of its provenance. Alongside its quality, a detailed record of its history contributes a lot towards the value of a piece. Having records of the chronology of movement of the said piece is not common and is the kind of information that is highly considered by collectors.

We understand that collectors are often drawn to antiques not only due to their aesthetic beauty, but more importantly their history. Exceptionally beautiful and rare, here we have an incredible oak court cupboard that is particularly interesting not only because of its classic good looks but also because of its provenance.

This is a well-documented 17th century Lakeland oak court cupboard dating back to 1658. It is an outstanding piece with its colour and patination still in its prime. This piece of furniture was from the collection of the family of Lord Alfred Tennyson, a famous English poet. A paper label to the back of the upper door explains its previous ownership.

As well as this classic example we also have stunning 15th, 16th and 17th-century antique oak cupboards in English, Gothic, and Tudor style, etc. Our collection always features rare and unique items, pay us a visit to see all of our available options.