Rare Antique Wooden Ceiling Bosses

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Wooden ceiling bosses were a common feature seen in the cathedrals and church during the early times, predominantly the 13th and the 14th century. These ornamental objects were an important part of the Gothic Architecture and were a common feature in most of the Gothic churches. The ceiling bosses were beautifully created to be decorative as well as functional.
Bosses in architecture were commonly found on the ceilings of building, churches and cathedrals. Roof bosses were particularly used in the olden times to cover the intersections of the wooden beams usually found on the decorative ceilings. These were often created artistically with intricate designs and carvings. Apart from being mere decorative items, these also functioned as the locking systems of these intersecting ribs of the ceiling by being the load bearing members. These beautiful wooden ceiling bosses were generally created from coarse-grained oak which is very strong.

These wooden ceiling bosses are not a very common decorative feature of the more modern buildings but since these are very ornate with great artwork these are now used as decorative antiques in different ways.

At Period Oak Antiques we have a select variety of antique wooden ceiling bosses including pieces such as a 15th century English carved oak roof boss and an early 16th century Tudor oak English ceiling boss. These are beautiful items and make great decorative pieces for the modern homes as well.