Regal Antique Oak Chairs

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Tuesday, November 09, 2021

The antique chairs we have in our collection at Period Oak Antiques are truly fit for royalty, with plenty of eye-catching options that have a profoundly regal air about them! We have a number of ornate high-backed antique oak chairs that are absolutely stunning. These beautiful dark woodchairs stand tall and elegant in any décor, and the inherent beauty that comes with dark wood furniture brings charm and allure. Antique oak furniture has a very dramatic, bold and stylish appeal that can work very well in modern settings.
Within our collection of antique oak chairs, we have this interesting antique oak chair of good wide proportions. This magnificently royal chair is a beautiful shade of cherry red and features gun barrel turned arm support, front legs and square chamfered back legs, all united by stretchers. A fascinating piece of information relating to this specific chair is that it was illustrated in Victor Chinnery’s book Oak Furniture: The British Tradition, and can be viewed on page 128, fig 2:133. It has been recovered identically in the last 10 years due to the wear of the velvet.
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