Romanesque Sculpture of Madonna

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Did you know that Romanesque art is one of the oldest European arts that goes as far back as approximately 1000 CE. The period saw the rise of the Gothic style during the 13th Century in particular regions. The time preceding this period was known as Pre-Romanesque. The term ‘Romanesque’ was coined by 19th-century art historians who referred specifically to Romanesque architecture.
This style was the first to spread across the whole of Catholic Europe right from Sicily to Scandinavia. This art form enjoyed a strong influence from Byzantine art and was a highly innovative and coherent style.
From the world of the Romanesque designs, we have this extremely rare Romanesque Sculpture of Madonna and Child from the 12th Century. This beautiful Romanesque sculpture posesses a very calming presence and retains a lot of its original polychrome decoration, especially to the face and shoulders of Madonna. The patina has beautifully aged with almost 900 years of devotional touching.
Such sculptures are truly rare and hard to come by. Browse through to have a look at this wonderful and exclusive item, as well as out many other treasures.