Stock of antique oak and country furniture

Decorating homes with antique furniture can add a rich appeal to them as the antique furniture can easily blend into all kinds of homes and style aesthetics. Antique oak furniture finds its way into many homes as these can match up with the olden type of places and at the same time can add an appeal to the contemporary designs as well.

Different furniture styles have evolved over the period depending on the time and place of origin. The gothic furniture style for instance finds its roots in the rich churches of the Middle Ages and closely follows the Gothic architectural styles. This style of furniture primarily portrays some dramatic expressions of the designs of those periods. The fourteenth century saw the entry of this style in the castles of the royalties thanks to its sheer extravagance. This style of furniture can blend into the modern designs perfectly well and add a different feel to the place.

Antique English furniture is yet another style that was usually distinguished by the name of the reigning emperor of the time. The one particular distinguishing and predominant factor about the early English furniture was the different styles of legs that could point out the exact period the furniture came from. The Tudor and Elizabethan Antique Chairs have their origins somewhere in the middle ages. While the Tudor style of furniture is parallel to the Medieval furniture and Gothic furniture the Elizabethan English furniture is a native English version and sees styles that were highly decorative and architectural, meant for the wealthy and fashionable class of that period.

Country furniture is usually made by provincial craftsmen with local woods such as oak, elm, ash and fruitwoods. With country furniture, the functionality and durability is of more importance than the aesthetics. Country furniture has a touch of individuality as these are usually built individually by craftsman. No matter what the furniture style is, each has its own distinct appeal. If included in the designs, these different furniture styles can add a touch of distinct elegance to the homes.

Period Oak Antiques provides you with a good collection of antique furniture spanning countries and centuries. You can select from a wide range of antique furniture available at Period Oak Antiques. The huge assortment of furniture includes antique oak chest and coffers, early English dressers, four poster beds, antique tables etc.

The four poster beds have been popular for centuries. These beds came to be known as the beds of kings in the olden times. The antique four poster beds usually have beautiful head boards with beautiful and intricate antique carvings. The Period Oak Antiques has four poster beds from the 16th and the 17th century. The rare tudor beds have had 19th century restorations and are beautiful and elaborate pieces.

The collection of antique oak chest and coffers is the widest amongst the lot with a huge variety of classic pieces to select from. There is a huge selection of chests that are centuries old and are rare pieces of art with beautiful antique carvings. All the patterns are distinct from one another and are from different eras.

There are also a number of antique tables from other periods to choose from. There is a huge variety of the 16th century tables and the 17th century tables that are stunning and at the same time absolutely rare.

Antique furniture looks great in any setting. It gives a distinct feeling of quality. You should select pieces of furniture that suit your needs well. Depending on your taste, style and space, you can experiment with the antiques while decorating your homes. You can give your home an elegant regal touch by choosing the right things and yet make your place feel like home. Just buying things randomly is not going to do anything positive. You should always do research and find the right pieces of furniture that will complement each other in their own way.