Stunning Pair of Roof Angels

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Roof angels grew in popularity during the late 13th Century with the development and refinement English structural and decorative craftmanship attaining a superior level of skill.
The sophistication seen in the wooden roof structures of the time were simply outstanding - adorned with intricate decorations such as roof angels. Original designs were often decorated with large prominent angel figures carved in wood. Some were finished in their natural wood colour, while some were often colourfully painted. In common, all the figures were carved beautifully with intricate details.
Remnants of this beautiful architectural craftwork are the roof angels that are still available even today. At Period Oak Antiques, we have a rare pair of English carved oak roof angels, believed to originate somewhere from the late 15th to early 16th Century.
The grooving on the back indicates that this attractive pair may have been a part of a ribbed vaulting of a medieval church ceiling or rood screen. The natural wood colour is stunning, and the patination is also flawless. The faces are incredibly expressive, with a peaceful look about them. These will make a fabulous inclusion in any home. Bringing with them a piece of history, and an unusual decorative antique with a great story.
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