The allure of Gothic Furniture

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Monday, March 22, 2021

The gothic furniture style has its roots in the rich Middle Age churches and closely follows the Gothic architectural styles. Furniture of this style portrays dramatic expressions of the designs of those periods. There is something quite alluring about Gothic furniture. When incorporated into your decor intelligently, this style of furniture can blend into modern designs perfectly while adding a different, unique feel to the room.

Although it is something that not everyone can enjoy, there are those who would swear by it. Furniture from the Gothic period, dating back to France at the beginning of the 12th century, has very peculiar characteristic features such as unusual contours and intricate details that are derived from Gothic art and architecture. This furniture style has also evolved from its simplistic early stages towards the rich and ornate architectural character that is seen in the later stages.

Design elements typical to Gothic furniture include trefoil and quatrefoil shapes, gargoyles, and pointed arches expressed using rich and intricate carvings on items such as tables, chairs, and beds. The wood finish is often in a dark stain like oak or rosewood and walnut. Gothic furniture is strongly tilted towards rich and ornate, however, there were also designs that weren’t as complicated.

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