The Alluring Charm of 15th-century Antique Elm Chests

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

If you are looking for uniquely handcrafted chests from the world of antiques, check out these beautiful elm chests in our collection.
The best thing about elm chests is their unashamedly rustic appearance, which is all thanks to the quality of the wood. They might not have the formal appeal of oak chests, but they do have a very earthy appeal, consistent with well-used pieces from days gone by. It’s this time-honoured look that can add distinctly characteristic appeal to contemporary decor. Indeed, the more casual appearance of these elm chests make them a great fit in the modern home. That slightly dark honey brown colour all adds to the allure. Without doubt, elm chests wear their slightly distressed and carefree charm in truly appealing fashion.
The good news is that Period Oak Antiques have a number of these stunning options in our collection.
Check out this rare late 15th/ early 16th century English elm, leather, and iron-bound chest. Still, in original condition, complete with fragments of its original leather covering beneath the ironwork, this will create an eye-catching feature in your home, not to mention a healthy dose of mystery. This one is a wonderful example of a late English medieval chest for storing valuables.  What stories it could tell!
Then there is this large English late medieval oak and elm ironbound chest which, again, is a beautiful piece of work.
Another item that’s full of charm and character is this rare English elm chest. Beautiful colour and oodles of antique charisma!
Why not visit us to have a good look at these classic handcrafted pieces of furniture. Any one of them could make a stunning inclusion in your home.