The Rich History of Medieval Sculptures

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Medieval sculptures are alluring pieces that never fail to capture the imagination. They have a long history, spanning from the late 400s right through to the 14th century, which marked the beginning of the Renaissance. This period was called the Middle Ages and Romanesque art, including the fascinating medieval sculptures, flourished during this time in Europe.
Sculptures from this period featured metalwork, enamel, ivories, and the like, always expressing a very bold style. Medieval statues were created for state buildings and churches by artists, with religion very often the chosen subject of their works. The Middle Ages saw Christianity in particular flourish, so it was common for the sculptures to depict biblical imagery such as the life of Christ, his crucifixion, and his resurrection.
We currently have a wonderful example from this period in our collection. A stunning museum quality Romanesque sculpture of Christ as the good shepherd.
Our range of medieval sculptures also contains this stunning 15th century medieval limestone head of the Angel Gabriel. The head was an important symbol for Western culture during the Middle Ages and you can find it used prominently as the subject for sculptures from the fading days of the Roman empire to the Renaissance period.
The face was not only central to identity, but a primary vehicle for human emotion, expression, and character as well. As such, during the time, the depiction of the head became a true quality test of the artist and an indicator of style.
Have a look at our collection at Period Oak Antiques. We have some interesting English Medieval Sculptures dating back to the Middle Ages that may make the perfect centrepiece for any space.