Tips for Choosing Antique Oak furniture

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Antique oak furniture apart from being very attractive and appealing is quite durable too thanks to the quality of the wood and its strength. The antique oak furniture items come mostly in darker tones which carry a formal air and there are also options available in warm honey color, shiny reddish, mellow brown tone etc.

If you are on a look out for antique oak furniture, here are a few handy tips to help you get started.

Authentic antique oak furniture is easily available from antique dealers. However you do need to be careful about the dealer you choose. Buying from legitimate dealers in order to ensure the authenticity of the pieces you invest in is very important.
Oak furniture is strong and durable. These furniture pieces are quite heavy too. So in case your home is located on the higher floors, considering the ease of manoeuvring it up to your home is necessary.

Once the aspect of manoeuvring the furniture is clear the other aspect is measuring the available space which is true in case of any furniture style.

When it comes down to the choice of design, it is always better to first get acquainted with the different designs. These differ considerably depending on the era and place of origin. There are different known periods that produced classic furniture which is very much in demand even today such as the Regency Period, Georgian Period, Edwardian Period, Victorian Period etc. Since you plan to incorporate the furniture into your home, a little idea of the styles is good so that you can choose the right piece which will blend in well.

Choosing the right shade so as to ensure that it complements your decor is important too.

There are various things that affect the value of a piece. The style that these belong to determines the value of a piece. A look into the different styles will help you ascertain the value. Another important aspect is restoration. A restoration job overly done or done badly will negatively affect the value of a piece.

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For example see this a fine and rare tudor oak boarded chest. west country. circa 1540. it is a  rare tudor oak chest that has a front carved with a pair of portrait panels within floral roundels, flanking a deeply carved central Tudor rose. The whole deeply carved and well patinated, with square cut-out planked ends. very old lock plate replacement. good colour and patination. Its dimensions are 54" wide x 29" high x 17" deep.
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Apart from the antique shops you can also check out the different antique fairs and auctions that frequently take place to find some unique antique oak furniture options.