Wainscot Chairs

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Wainscot chair (also commonly known as the panel or joined chair) usually was made out of the finest grade of oak. These chairs are typically characterized by flat wooden seats with molded edges, a beautifully carved seat rail and legs joined by low straight stretchers. The wainscot chairs usually come with shaped front legs and square sectioned back legs. Prior to the 16th century these were mostly used by the masters and the mistresses of the house and were a small portrayal of wealth and nobility. The presence of arms, typical elaborate carvings and the finest quality of oak used suggested high status. In the latter half of the century and towards the beginning of the 17th century these chairs started gaining more popularity and were increasingly seen in the homes of the slightly lesser mortals too! These were the then upscale alternatives to the everyday chairs.

At Period Oak Antiques we have an amazing example of this Charles II Yorkshire Oak and Inlaid Wainscot Armchair. This particular piece shows off most of the desirable features of a wainscot chair which include use of the finest quality oak, a beautiful inlay, great patina and colour coupled with some intricate carving right from the high top rail showcasing beautiful fruiting vines and scroll edges to the central carved panel with deeply carved leaf decoration. This magnificent quality Yorkshire chair is probably from the halifax/bradford area. This wainscot chair in our collection is in the best of its form and has a great presence too! This hallmark of the 17th century will sure look beautiful in the contemporary as well as the traditional settings. Browse through the website for details and pictures.

Here at Period Oak Antiques in the Lake District we stock a number of high quality antique chairs amongst our other antiques. ... well worth a visit!