What kind of antique extending tables are available?

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Extending tables make great additions to homes – either where there are space constraints or plenty of floor area to be flexible. From the world of antiques, there are numerous examples of extending tables you could choose. They tend to be classified according to the type of structure.

Draw-leaf tables:
These tables open up by pulling the leaves which usually rest under the tabletop. These tables are equally functional with the leaves extended or not extended.

Drop-leaf tables:
Drop-leaf tables are usually designed with the leaves dropped down the sides when not in use. They can then be put into an upright position if extra table space is required. This style of extending tables is generally very large when extended but surprisingly space-efficient when not extended. Indeed, when the leaves are down, they are compact enough for just two people to use as a dining table.

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