Why Buy Brand New When You Can Invest In An Antique?

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Seeing the notice of the upcoming Interiors UK 2014 exhibition of brand new oak furniture at Birmingham, I wondered why people would spend money on new furniture and see their purchase depreciate dramatically over a period when they could so easily invest in an antique table instead? If they go for antiques (which will come for about the same price) it would in fact gain further in value instead of depreciate. Well more often than not it usually does!
For some, antiques may mean aged, obsolete, outdated and such other not so pleasing terms. But if they look deeper under the surface they will understand the true beauty of a good antique. Antiques are nothing short of striking, majestic and alluring and full of a timeless elegance that cannot be matched by the present day designs. Their aesthetics and the inherent historic charm that they come with make them simply remarkable works of art. This sense of history and the roots and origin of the antiques make them tempting collectibles that just go on increasing in value with the passage of time.

When it comes to the interior designing, with the ever evolving styles of décors no designing approach will last for ever. The contemporary furniture stays for fleeting periods and as soon as you invest in the furniture, there is something new out there in the market. And if you try to sell the modern furniture the resale value is not high. But when it comes to antiques, there is a versatile way in which these can be used and if you ever plan to sell your antique you will not suffer the same drop in price due to depreciation. 
The appreciation and enthusiasm towards antiques has seen a steady rise over the years. But as it is with art even with furniture you should ultimately buy something that you really like since at the end of the day you have to live with it. But before you make up your mind just remember one thing, the old world things tend to be your assets while the modern day furniture are as good as consumable goods that see a steady decline in value as soon as they leave the shops!